On-demand Webinar: How to Build and Grow the Perfect Content Marketing Team

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In many organizations, this is a key time for marketing leaders to plan activities for 2018 and finalize their content strategy for the year to come.

But how do you build and grow your content marketing team?

Whether you are just getting started, restructuring an existing team or aiming to develop a more sophisticated content marketing operation, you will need a framework to identify any skill gaps to fill and how to hire the right people.

Join our exclusive webinar featuring Christoph Trappe and CMI’s Michele Linn on-demand to discover:

  • Essential roles you need on your marketing team
  • An easy-to-apply framework to building your content team
  • The most important skillsets for an effective marketing program
  • Marketing team structures for the digital age

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Christoph Trappe

VP of Content Marketing Strategy

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Michele Linn

VP of Content

Content Marketing Institute

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