Webinar: How to Create Content that Engages Your Audience

August 17 @ 2pm EST / 11am PST

Did you know that only 42% of B2B marketers say they’re effective at content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute? Learn how to create a flow of high-quality content that engages your audience at each step of their customer journey with Christoph Trappe, VP of Content Marketing Strategy at ScribbleLive

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We all know content marketing is effective. However, not all content is created equal. So how do you make content your audience wants to consume? 

Join this exclusive webinar featuring Christoph Trappe, global content marketing expert and VP Content Strategy at ScribbleLive as he walks you through how to develop a content strategy that drives results.

Register to learn:
• Top Content Marketing Trends in 2017
• How to create content that converts
• Best ways to promote your content
• Actionable content tips and tricks

ScribbleLive changes the way brands engage with their audiences. Our content marketing platform, powered by big data, provides customers with a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.


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