On Demand Webinar: Reinventing the News and Media Experience

Join the CBC's Spencer Walsh and Sam Lightowler — Executive Producer and Product Manager, Web Presentation — along with ScribbleLive's own Tim Peters, as we discuss key digital changes in the news and media environment, and how the CBC uses technology to adapt to the evolving online consumption habits of its audience.

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The wave of technological innovation has no doubt influenced audience habits when it comes to consuming news media. With a complete digital reinvention of the media landscape taking place, the modern consumer's path to discovering news is more complex and varied. 

Join our industry leaders from CBC as we discuss:

  • Defining traits of the modern news consumer.
  • Meeting the demand for real-time content.
  • Using multimedia content to create an interactive experience.
  • The role of audience participation in media.
  • Curated content from moderated sources.

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