Top Content Marketing Influencers of 2016

The Content Marketing Influencer Report provides insight into the content marketers who have made the most impact in 2016. The report identifies the names, geographic locations, and educational backgrounds of influencers; the themes and types of content that earned attention for influencers; and the social conversations that featured influencers.

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Methodology of Insights

ScribbleLive Insights helps marketers identify influencers who can help increase the visibility of content marketing campaigns. Insights uses patented natural language algorithms blended with data science to identify opinions published by influencers and the reactions to those opinions across the web.

Insights crawls millions of pieces of content uploaded on:

  • Public news sites
  • Blog articles
  • Online forums
  • Social media

About ScribbleLive

ScribbleLive changes the way brands engage with their audiences. Our content marketing platform, powered by big data, provides customers with a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

Content Marketing Influencers

Jeff Bullas Content Marketing Influencer.JPG

"Content needs to educate, inform, entertain, and inspire."

Jeff Bullas
Joe Pulizzi Content Marketing Influencer.jpeg

"Focus everything you can on building subscribers in one of your programs."

Joe Pulizzi
Sam Hurley Headshot.png

"Content Marketing and SEO should never be interpreted or deployed as stand-alone campaigns."

Sam Hurley
Lee Odden Content Marketing Influencer.jpg

"The intersection of influence and content provides an opportunity for smart marketers to identify, qualify and engage influential partners to co-create content of mutual value."

Lee Odden
Ann Handley Content Marketing Influencer.jpg

"Slow down to make sure you understand the longer-term business objectives and the goals for the business. Take the time to create a content program that fulfills those plans."

Ann Handley

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