Live Events and Social Engagement

CoverItLive ended its service offering in December 2018. 

If you are here because you need a proven solution to report breaking news, publish real-time updates, or to engage with fans through social media and live Q&As, then check out the live publishing and social engagement product called Engage, by ScribbleLive. It has all the features of CoverItLive and offers a much more robust and feature-rich mobile experience. 

We’re here to help and to answer any questions you might have about CoverItLive or getting started with Engage. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

CoverItLive FAQ

  1. Can I still access or use CoverItLive? This software service was turned off on 12/31/18 and is no longer available. If you are looking for a solution for live event coverage, we recommend Engage, by ScribbleLive, which has the same features and offers a fuller mobile experience. 

  2. What happened to my existing streams? All CiL streams will no longer be visible on any digital property as of 12/31/18.  To build new streams we are happy to offer the Engage product.  If you would like more information, reach out at [email protected].

  3. Is there a free or trial option for Engage? At this time, there are no free or trial options available. Please get in touch with us and we’ll schedule a conversation to talk about your event coverage needs and customized pricing options for legacy CoveritLive customers.

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