eBook: The New Digital Era of Fan Engagement

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The New Digital Era of Fan Engagement: How to Attract, Engage, and Retain Fans Like Never Before

Creating the ultimate audience experience means meeting fans where they are, allowing them to interact with an athlete, sports club or brand across an ever-increasing array of popular social and digital platforms.

Fans are also looking for more tailored and intimate ways to engage and teams, leagues and media organizations will need to work hard and stay innovative to connect with younger, incoming fan generations.

How do successful brands and publishers leverage fan experiences as part of their content strategy to drive greater reach, improved loyalty, and better bottom lines?

Read this eBook to explore:

  • Trends shaping fan engagement in 2018 and beyond
  • Audience growth and nurture strategies
  • The rise of user-generated, interactive and mobile content
  • Actionable insights and hands-on advice to drive year-long digital experiences

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William Playfair


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